Nowadays goods are despatched worldwide. Professional packaging which provides security and protection against climatic and mechanical influences on the packed material is absolutely essential. Depending on how the consignment is despatched the packaging must also meet the various stresses and strains involved in overland, air and sea transport. DTG Verpackungslogistik designs and produces the packaging individually to size. For the complete despatch organisation too DTG Verpackungslogistik is your competent contact partner.

Our services portfolio contains:

  • Seaworthy packaging – container packaging
  • Heavy goods packaging and conservation
  • Long-term packaging for damage-free storage
  • Arrangement and conclusion of transport and insurance
  • Deliveries of packaging material
  • Consultancy
  • Own crate production
  • Packaging on your premises
  • Comprehensive document preparation for export
  • Personnel leasing
  • Outsourcing


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